Vol 13, No 4 (2021)

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Short Communication

Pathology Lexicon A-Z: A multilingual glossary app PDF
L Govender, J Geitner, N Tyam, F C J Botha, J Yeats 212
Features of the research proposal genre made easy for undergraduate occupational therapy students PDF
M C Ramafikeng 214

Short Research Report

Learn-teach-learn: Evaluating a South African near-peer teaching programme PDF
R Spies, H Lee, I Esack, R Hollamby, C Viljoen 215
Is blended learning the way forward? Students’ perceptions and attitudes at a South African university PDF
N B Khan, T Erasmus, N Jali, P Mthiyane, S Ronne 218


Evaluation of assessment marks in the clinical years of an undergraduate medical training programme: Where are we and how can we improve? PDF
H Brits, G Joubert, J Bezuidenhout, L van der Merwe 222
Medical students’ perceptions of global health at the University of Cape Town, South Africa: The gap between interest and education PDF
M Potter, P Naidu, L Pohl, K Chu 229
The knowledge and attitudes of final-year medical students regarding care of older patients PDF
K Naidoo, J van Wyk 235
Nominal group technique review of the emergency care content of the clinical skills module in the undergraduate medical programme at the University of the Free State PDF
T Hagemeister 240
Understanding of clinical reasoning by undergraduate students and clinical educators in health and rehabilitation sciences at a South African University: The implications for teaching practice PDF PDF
H Talberg, F Camroodien-Surve, S L Amosun 246
Development of a feedback framework within a mentorship alliance using activity theory PDF
A G Mubuuke, I G Munabi, S N Mbalinda, R B Opaka, R N Chalo, S Kiguli 252
A comparative analysis and evaluation of the naturopathic curriculum in South Africa PDF
W Ericksen-Pereira, N V Roman, R Swart 259
Teaching about disability and food security in the School of Health Sciences, University of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa PDF
H E Lister, K Mostert, M Pillay 264
Nursing students’ perceptions regarding feedback from their educators in a selected higher education institution in KwaZulu-Natal province, South Africa PDF
L M Rathobei, M B Dube 270




AJHPE Vol. 13 No. 4 PDF